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Loction:Stuart, Florida
Smoke, drink, do drugs?: used to smoke pot.(got caught) drink sometimes.
What's your eye color?:hazel
Hair color?: naturally dirty blonde,but dyed brown
Who do you admire?:my brother, but you dont know him so umm heh bob marley. and definately bert from the used.
Favorite Bands (atleast 5):sublime, the used, against me!, the postal service, and hellogoodbye
How did you find out about this community: browsing through communities, being bored.
Why are you hot sex?: just becuase im so awesome, i comment a lot =), and i can lick my elbow! [now thats a true talent]
Views on:
Bush: pretty gay, i dont like the fact that hes against same sex marriages, abortion, not helping the environment, and just has a focus on making the rich richer.
Same-sex marriages: i think it should be LEGAL! people should be able to be able to have a marriage if they love eachother enough.
Religons: my best friend and i made our own up. lol its pretty cool but hard to explain.

im on the right.

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